Orto in Provence




Orto de Prouvènço means 'large garden of Provence' in Provençal, one of the old Romance languages of southern Europe. This project originated in 1992 with a profound desire to create a meeting place in High Provence for all those who share a love of nature and its healing powers, and who wish to discover more of themselves, far away from the noise of the world.

This meeting place was found in the Pays de Sault, which has one of the densest concentrations of medicinal plants in Europe. The Pays de Sault extends in a radius of about 70 km around Mont Ventoux. Since time immemorial, this area has maintained its own flora, fascinating botanists from all over the world.

Orto de Prouvénço is a landscape garden of about 150 acres in the vicinity of Aurel. Two buildings built in the typical style of Provence, with an authentic well, inner court and fireplace, and 25 charmingly furnished guest rooms (with bathroom and shower) offer enough space for seminars and conferences. The exquisite 'cuisine à la provençale,' which also specialises in a wide variety of vegetarian dishes, contributes to the mental and physical welfare of our guests.

Introductions to the local medicinal plants and seminars on phytoaromatherapy with international experts, as well as excursions and workshops, are an integral part of the programs.

Orto de Prouvénço is above all a large garden for experience and observation of medicinal plants in their natural environment. Our longstanding study of essential oils and medicinal plants presents the practical background for this project.

Please contact us for course details and the exact dates of seminars.

We look forward to meeting you soon in the land of medicinal plants, in Provence.